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Despite the current buzz about high speed Internet access, many people still rely on dialup connections for their access to the Internet. That's why we take pride in providing high quality dialup service in Arizona and the rest of the United States. Many of our locations now offer V.92 dialup access as well! What does this mean to you? If you have a v.92 modem you can take advantage of the following features:

  1. Get rid of your second phone line!
    If you have Call Waiting from your local phone company, your V.92 modem with its Modem On-Hold software can let you know you have a call. You will be able to put your modem "on-hold" and answer your phone, and then talk without losing your Internet connection! The amount of time you can talk depends on which Aspect1 Modem On Hold plan you choose. If you have caller ID, your V.92 modem will also let you know who is calling!
  2. Get online faster!
    Using V.92 technology, your V.92 modem learns and remembers how you usually connect to the Internet. This shortens the time it takes for your modem and Aspect1 to connect, so you can start surfing faster.

Dialup Features
w 5 Email Accounts
w 1200+ Nationwide POPs
w Nationwide 56K access and V.90 and v.92 compatibility
w Toll-free Technical Support

Personal Web Space Access for web space


Free SPAM Protected Email


Free VIRUS Protected Email

w No Minimum Contract
w No Setup Fee!
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Please use the phone numbers below to contact us:

Flagstaff 928 527-0942
Verde Valley 928 496-1197
Grand Canyon 928 437-1597
Phoenix 623 505-0205
Toll Free 877-398-6316

Please write this information in your notes in the event that you need to reach us.

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Aspect1 Internet