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High speed connections to the Internet opens up a whole new world of connectivity. Sending and recieving files becomes a breeze. No more waiting for an hour to download family pictures that were emailed to you. You can also listen to online radio stations, watch the latest video news updates and keep your operating system up to date and secure, as well as keep up regularly with virus updates to your virus software. Too see a visual representation of the speed difference in Internet connection options click here.

Another great advantage to high speed connections is not tying up your phone line while you're on the Internet. Spend hours online and don't worry about who might be trying to call.

The best value for high speed today is DSL. DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) transmits data signals over phone lines, just like Dial-Up Service. However, DSL operates on a different frequency, and therefore does not interrupt telephone service. You have a very fast connection to the Internet and it doesn't require another phone line into your home. It also doesn't require any special inside wiring so there is no need for a service call. Installation is easy once the service has been provisioned.

Many areas still do not have DSL available however. DSL is dependant upon the local phone company having the right equipment installed in their substations and switches. So until then there are other broadband options available.

Aspect1 provides limited wireless services to areas of Cottonwood, Verde Village, Bridgeport, Clarkdale, Jerome, and most of the Cornville And Camp Verde area. Please see our coverage map to see if you might qualify for wireless service in these areas.

Aspect1 can provide ISDN service in many areas. Choose a state below to find out if ISND is available in your area.

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Aspect1 can provide T1 circuits for more demanding business applications and organizations. Call us for a price quote to your location.

Please use the phone numbers below to contact us:

Flagstaff 928 527-0942
Verde Valley 928 496-1197
Grand Canyon 928 437-1597
Phoenix 623 505-0205
Toll Free 877-398-6316

Please write this information in your notes in the event that you need to reach us.

We regret any inconvenience this may cause.


Aspect1 Internet